For over 35 years, ShockWatch has been a global leader in engineering impact indicators, tilt sensors, and temperature monitoring devices.  ShockWatch offers a complete line of solutions designed to protect your products from impact and tilt at any point in the supply chain; during shipping via rail, truck, air, sea, and intermodal freight. ShockWatch impact recorders allow for complete data analysis. If you need a simpler solution at a lower price point, our impact and tilt indicators provide proof that products may have become damaged.

ShockWatch also offers a full spectrum of temperature monitors that let you see inside your entire cold chain. The key to successful cold chain management is information. You always need to know if hot or cold temperatures have compromised your product’s integrity. But you don’t always need the same level of technology to find out. ShockWatch products give you the tools that provide you with the right information to make the right decisions.


April 2013 News

As the winter draws to a close, we look back on a successful season of working with Shockwatch's ColdMark temperature indicator.  The ColdMark 2 is the world’s first field armable, descending temperature indicator that provides superior upfront savings by eliminating the need to ship or store the indicator in a heated environment. Our customer's who switched over from the traditional ColdMark indicators were pleased to reduce shipping costs on their temperature indicator orders.  Typical cold temperature indicators require that the product be packaged in an insulated container and overnighted in order to prevent the indicators from being triggered during transit due to freezing temperatures.  With the ColdMark 2, we are able to ship order via UPS ground shipping, saving our customers hundreds of dollars in shipping costs.  The ColdMark2 is currenlty only available in the 2C/36F temperature range, but we are anticipating an expansion of this generation to include all of the temperature ranges in the near future.